So what started out as a bit of a crazy idea a few months after we purchased our café this summer, has grown into the proud wall that we have created today – the Doggy Wall of Fame.  I can remember the very first time I anxiously approached a couple sitting in our café with their furry friend, to ask if I could take not their photo but a photo of their dog for a new idea I had, they looked at me like I was barking!  However, they kindly agreed and that was our very first photo taken for the Doggy Wall.

Since then, on our Fuji Instax Mini camera we have taken many, many instant photos of our lovely furry friends.  Big dogs, small dogs, happy dogs, grumpy dogs, tired dogs, wet dogs, group shots of dogs (that one was fun!) we have had them all.  The really special ones get to become Dog of the Day and have centre stage, in their own little frame, to themselves but truth be told, they are all rather gorgeous.  Every one unique and with their own little back stories, like the dog who was rescued from India and the dog who was flown over from Australia to be reunited with her owners on Christmas Eve, the dogs on holiday.  We have had lots of rescue dogs, old dogs (our oldest dogs are 14 years old), and of course the cute puppies.  Who can resist them and their stories?

We have decided to create an album of all our wonderful dogs at the end of the year and to start again with a clean Doggy Wall of Fame for next year.  We very much look forward to seeing you and your dog soon.

Heidi's Grasmere Lodge Doggy Wall of Fame Blog Image 2

Heidi's Grasmere Lodge Doggy Wall of Fame Blog Image 1

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