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Heidi’s Grasmere Lodge was originally built in the 1850’s as one of Grasmere’s original tea rooms; in fact a coffee house and reading room. At that time, the Manchester Corporation was building a water supply from Thirlmere to Manchester and the brick built pipe (almost 10ft high and still in use) was hidden below the fell to the East of Grasmere Vale. Walk any of the Ghylls and you will see viaducts that hide the Victorian pipeline.

The original owner of Heidi’s Grasmere Lodge had an idea to coax the Irish workmen away from the Red Lion public house next door, who in those days made and sold its own wicked brew. Following this, the building changed to a hotel still without the sins of drink and was known for many years as The Temperance House.

Times have changed and Heidi’s Grasmere Lodge is now fully licensed so you can enjoy the fantastic local ales or a glass of wine as you relax and unwind.